ASA Quality Meeting 2015

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AQM 2015


Overview of ASA® Quality Meeting (AQM)

The ASA® Quality Meeting (AQM) is a two-day educational activity. The conference provides approximately 11 CME hours. Saturday and Sunday sessions are primarily lecture based with round table discussions on Sunday.    The topic areas are focused on electronic data collection platforms and how to use the information in anesthesia practices, meeting quality mandates, national registries, performance measurements: quality metrics, performance practices.

Why attend AQM?

Anesthesia practices within a healthcare system and organizational structure of various information systems is becoming more complex.   Increasingly, the challenge is associated with how best to measure value. Many anesthesia practitioners will migrate towards measuring only what they directly control, usually a particular clinical intervention versus an identified patient value or associated quality outcome.  Thus, the concept of quality improvement by itself continues to be a source of confusion. Many might view quality and value associated with adherence to evidence-based guidelines with measurement focusing on care processes. One only needs to look at the QCDR and (PQRS) Physician Quality Reporting System measures to identify how complex our system has become.   
Participating in quality improvement processes, provide clinicians a pathway for feedback, a necessity today for obtaining information that enhances one's learning and improvement.  Incorporating value improvement and its associated method of measurement is an important component when entering meetings with discussions centered around cost containment or clinical efficiencies.   The ASA® Quality Meeting is a 2-day educational experience that immerses participants with a variety of resources that can emerge from expert faculty, panel discussions and peer-to-peer interactions on topics ranging from the fundamentals to very advanced.   Many physician anesthesiologists need to identify and understand how best to incorporate these resources into daily practice.  If you find yourself with questions on how to build or use quality improvement data, then you should be looking to the ASA® Quality Meeting as a resource necessity that enables you to gain access to the information needed today, that impacts your practice tomorrow.   

Learning objectives:

•    Differentiate between measurement methods of process, quality and value-based improvement.
•    Describe terms and associated acronyms used throughout quality improvement (e.g. root cause analysis, value-based purchasing, Triple-Aim, observational techniques, performance benchmarks, etc...).
•    Identify how data registries allow physician anesthesiology practices to measure and improve quality of care provided.  
•    List factors where data transparency helps providers, payers and consumers collectively, make better educated health care delivery decisions.
•    Describe resources and tools used that allow clinicians to participate in the process of clinical quality improvement, process management and patient safety and valued outcomes.

The primary target for this audience is designed for physician anesthesiologists (private practice and academics), quality managers, and directors of quality improvement.