How ASA Can Help

ASA offers several MOCA®  courses designed to help physicians demonstrate their commitment to quality clinical outcomes, and patient safety.

MOCA® activities are designated by this icon:  

Participate in programs like ACE, SEE and Patient Safety help to meet MOCA® Part 2 requirements for Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA). 

For diplomates certified in 2008 or later, the ABA MOCA program requires 20 Patient Safety credits for MOCA® Part 2. ASA can help you fulfill those requirements by enrolling in the courses below:

MOCA® Part 4:

There is a minimum 60-day wait period after creating your performance improvement plan (Stage 2), to implement the plan and collect 10 new cases. Please account for this 60-day wait period requirement to ensure your MOCA diplomate deadline is met.

Enroll in Simulation training at an ASA endorsed Simulation Center to fulfill one requirement of MOCA® Part 4. This innovative training approach will help you to assess your clinical and teamwork skill in managing critical events. Click here for a listing of endorsed centers around the country.

The American Board of Anesthesiology, (ABA) has developed an online MOCA® Program tutorial to address frequently asked questions and concerns of constituents. Click here to view the MOCA® tutorial.