EDUCATION CENTER -- Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get to the Education Center?

How do I login to the Education Center?

I forgot my username and/or password, where can I retrieve it?

I am not an ASA member but created an Education Center account. Why do I receive an error message that I am unable to login?

  • Be sure that you are logging in as a Non-Member. An Education Center account will recognize your account only as a Non-Member. Join ASA today and enjoy all the member benefits.

How do I contact Education Center?

  • Technical Support – Select the “Contact Education” tab and complete the form. An email will be sent to: You may also refer questions to Vjeko at 847-268-9299.

What courses are hosted on the Education Center?

I can’t find the course I just purchased?

  • You can locate your courses in two places - on your logged in home page under "My Courses in Progress" or under the “My Activities” tab. This tab contains “My Courses” and “My Transcript”. “My Transcript” is an exclusive Member benefit. The transcript contains a comprehensive record of all your ASA CME reported to the ABA over the past 7 years (2004 to present). *Remember, ASA CME is reported to the ABA every 6 weeks. CME will appear in “My Transcript” immediately (for all courses taken on this platform).

How do I search for courses?

  • Use the Course Catalog tab on the home page to search for courses. You can sort by subject, programs, format or CME credit hours.

Why am I missing ASA CME credit in My Transcript?                                                        

  • Only CME courses hosted in the Education Center will immediately populate CME in your Courses Completed and Transcript. ASA courses that have not been migrated to the Education Center will not appear in your Transcript until credit has been reported to the ABA. Currently, we report data every 6 weeks. ASA will be happy to confirm missing credit after the 6 week period to reconcile your Transcript. 

Does My Transcript only record my ASA CME credits? 

  • Yes, My Transcript records only ASA CME. However, you may record Non-ASA CME within the Transcript for a comprehensive record of all your CME claimed. Self reported Non-ASA CME self is not certified by ASA. 

Where can I print a duplicate receipt for my course?

  • The “My Account” tab contains “View Account”, “Edit Account”, and “Orders”. “Orders” store all purchased course information including a printable receipt.

How do I become and ASA member?