Complimentary Courses for Resident Members

Continue to build your clinical knowledge with complimentary education from ASA.

For many of you, the COVID-19 crisis is limiting access to live clinical learning. ASA helps fill that gap with unparalleled online education – now completely complimentary to resident members. Resident members can enroll until February 28, 2021, and access the following courses for 90 days post-enrollment date.

ASA resident members must have their ASA account profile up to date to receive free access to the designated offerings.


ASA thanks Medtronic for their support of our efforts to provide education for anesthesiologists in training during these extraordinary times.

Medtronic is proud to support ASA in its effort to close the gap in resident education caused when anesthesiology practices and programs were called on to be front line responders for victims of the coronavirus pandemic.  Excellence in education has always been a driving force of Medtronic and we believe that this must begin as early as possible.  We applaud ASA for their commitment to providing excellent resident education in this COVID-19 era.”        Frank Chan, VP/GM  MITG Patient Monitoring, Medtronic  

Remember, our 20 patient safety courses are always complimentary for resident members. They provide up to date information and cover many topics that may appear on your future exams.

Last modified: Thursday, January 7, 2021, 10:32 AM